If you love surfing, be true to nature and take care of the ocean.

元ASPアジアチャンプの「今村大介」、「サムライスピリッツ」を持 つヤングハワイアンの「ジェイソン・シバタ」、
世界のトップコンペティターとの幅広いコネクションを持つアメリカの「SALTYS SPORTS」。

This concept was brought up by Japanese Champion Surfer, "Daisuke Imamura" who is the only Japanese Professional Surfer to defeat 9x time World Surfing Champion "Kelly Slater" in competition. "Jason Shibata" is a young Hawaiian surfer who was voted the "Ambassador of Aloha" by the state of Hawaii for his kind heart to help the next generation. "Salty Sports" brings his expertise in business and connections with top Professional Surfers and the US Surfing Industry. With the three powers combined Ronin Eyewear was formed to introduce a unique style by mixing culture and fashion! Enjoy Ronin Eyewear. All of this Surfer Spirit gathered together and created a new brand of eyewear, "RONIN"